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Types of Contracts awarded by CRA/LA
  • Public Improvements
  • Demolition
  • Professional Services
  • General Services
  • Other General Goods and Services
 undefined Doing Business With CRA/LA

The Community Redevelopment Agency   (CRA/LA) awards several types of contracts such as Public Improvements; Demolition; Professional Services; General Services; Other General Goods and Services.

CRA/LA maintains a business directory which categorizes all vendors/contractors by type(s) of goods and/or services which they provide. When a procurement need arises, Contracts & Purchasing staff may solicit the appropriate vendors/contractors from the Business Directory based on the specific needs of the procurement.

In order to be listed in CRA/LA’s Business Directory, you will need to complete and return a CRA/LA Business Profile form. Please refer to the below list of Business Types for a description of the goods and services and cite the appropriate business type number(s) on the Business Profile form. Also, you are welcome to submit any additional information about your company such as brochures, fact sheets, catalogs, etc. so that staff can ensure that your company is categorized properly in our Business Directory.

Please mail the Business Profile form to:

CRA/LA Contracts & Purchasing Department
1200 West 7th Street, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90017
or Fax  to:  (213) 626-0090


For more information  please contact us at:
(213) 977-1627
or e-mail us at: