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In order to continue the revitalization of the communities it serves, the CRA/LA is reviewing seven of the nine South Los Angeles redevelopment project areas. This review includes a complete analysis of the Redevelopment Plans in each project area for potential plan amendments to:

block2 Merge certain project areas to gain greater economic strength and additional flexibility in the deployment of staff and financial resources, and

block2 Capture additional growth opportunity areas.

Prior to amending the Plans, physical and economic conditions will be analyzed to identify any adverse conditions that may exist until the Summer of 2007.

At A Glance

  • Adopted Date: Oct. 10, 1995
  • Project End Date: Oct. 10, 2026
  • Amendment: October 31, 2003

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    4401 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 201
    Los Angeles, CA 90043
    Telephone: 323-290-2800
    Fax: 323-295-4790

    Billy Chun
    Project Manager



The 262-acre Crenshaw/Slauson Redevelopment Project was adopted in 1994. It is located in South Los Angeles, approximately eight miles south of Downtown, midway between the San Diego and Harbor Freeways, south of the Santa Monica Freeway. 

Project Goals
♦ To support reinvestment in the area;
♦ To support new housing programs;
♦ To refurbish storefronts;
♦ To make needed public improvements; and
♦ To leverage additional funds from the private sector and other public agencies to help us improve the project area. 

Conditions at Time of Adoption
The Crenshaw/Slauson  Project Area was in an extremely rundown condition, with decaying public services, dilapidated and abandoned businesses—including vacant former auto dealership sites—and a lack of adequate parking.  The 1992 civil disturbance caused these conditions to deteriorate further, leading to more job losses and a decline in business investment.

Our Key Accomplishments
Since 1994, we have made several major improvements, in addition to laying the groundwork for future redevelopment:

  • A master plan was completed to guide the redevelopment of the area’s industrial core, bounded by Crenshaw Boulevard, Florence Avenue, Hyde Park Boulevard, and West Boulevard.
  • Along Crenshaw Boulevard, the Commercial Facade and Signage Grant Program has made possible the design and construction of new storefronts. Construction for Phase 4 of this program will begin in 2009.
  • A new commercial office building was constructed at 52nd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard.
  • A retail/office building at 5640 Crenshaw Boulevard was rehabilitated as part of the Earthquake Recovery Loan Program.
  • The 55-unit Morgan Place Senior Housing development at the southwest corner of 73rd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard was completed. 
  • CRA/LA purchased the former Hyde Park Library site, with the goal of providing housing at the site for people who work in the area.
  • A grant was provided to Helpers for the Homeless & Hungry, a neighborhood social service agency.

Affordable Housing
In 2002, CRA/LA provided $4.132 million to develop the Grandview Nine Rental Apartments, which provide 62 units of rental housing for very low-income families. 

Our housing projects that are now under construction include Bonnie Brae Apartments, MacArthur Park Metro Development, Seven Maples Senior Apartments, and a housing project above the Metro Red Line. This mixed-use apartment building will feature shops and businesses on the first floor, and affordable rents. “Affordable” means that a working family would spend no more than about 30 percent of their income on housing.

We have also proposed other development projects for the area, including the Seventh & Coronado Apartments, which will provide 68 family units affordable by households with very low, low, and moderate incomes.

Five-Year Goals

Between 2009 and 2014, CRA/LA plans to further improve the Crenshaw/Slauson neighborhood by:

♦  Investigating programs that can create new housing;
♦  Providing housing at the former Hyde Park Library site;
♦  Completing a Streetscape Program and Commercial Facade and Signage  
♦  Grant Program for all major streets;
♦  Acquiring public parking lots for a commercial or mixed-use (housing plus shops) development at the southeast corner of 54th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard; and
♦  Laying the groundwork for a rehabilitation and stabilization program to bring the Hyde Park industrial area back to a functioning level.