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The index below includes CRA/LA policies and procedures.

Art Policy
Redevelopment projects in our seven CRA/LA project areas must contribute at least 1 percent of development costs towards public art. This policy serves our mission of revitalizing neighborhoods, provides quality art relevant to neighborhood needs, and assures that artists from diverse backgrounds are involved in the creation of public art projects.

Construction Local Hire Policies and Programs
Redevelopment projects in which CRA/LA has invested at least $500,000 must have a Local Hire Program. Projects with investment of $1 million or more and public improvements with investment of $500,000 or more must comply with the CRA/LA Master Project Labor Agreement. Additional requirements pertain to projects in the City Center project area. These policies serve our mission of creating employment opportunities for community area and local residents.

Contractor Responsibility Policy PDF
Contracts with CRA/LA in excess of $25,000 and for a period longer than three months are covered by this policy. It requires that contractors and their subcontractors be qualified and capable of performing the contract, and have a record of complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Healthy Neighborhoods Policy PDF
Certain developments are required to use a CRA/LA-approved list of consultants to identify potential sustainability improvements. This policy sets out our “green” building goals and principles, and provides guidance in implementing these goals to benefit people who live and work in our redevelopment project areas.

The CRA/LA is involved in a variety of housing programs designed to help alleviate the severe shortage of affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles. These programs are based on the objectives of the Agency's redevelopment projects, California redevelopment law and the housing policies of the City. The CRA/LA Interim Housing Policy (the "Policy") is intended to serve as the framework for the development and implementation of all housing in which the CRA/LA is involved. It establishes objectives as to location, income mix, tenure type, household type, management, occupancy standards and the major parameters of the Agency's financial assistance programs.
 - CRA/LA Housing Policy
 - Attachments to the CRA/LA Housing Policy (File Size 16MB)

Living Wage Policy PDF
Certain projects with at least $100,000 in CRA/LA investment are required to pay employees at least a living wage (hourly rates set by the City of Los Angeles Living Wage Ordinance). This policy serves our mission of creating jobs that can support families.

Permanent Jobs Local Hiring PDF
Redevelopment projects in the City Center project area must conform to specific hiring requirements for permanent (not construction-related) jobs. These requirements serve our mission of creating career opportunities for community area and local residents.

Prevailing Wage Policy PDF
Private developers and owners of property in CRA/LA project areas who enter into agreements with our agency are required to abide by prevailing-wage requirements for construction workers. This policy serves our mission of creating jobs that can support families.

Additional policies and procedures relating to contracting and doing business with CRA/LA.  

Child Care Policy PDF
Housing and commercial development projects in our project areas that reserve more than 50 percent of their child-care spaces for low- and moderate-income families receive priority for CRA/LA financial investment. Because inadequate or unaffordable child care is a major impediment to employment in our project areas, this policy serves our mission of expanding employment opportunities.

Contractor/Service Worker Retention Policy PDF
CRA/LA has specific requirements for retaining service workers. This policy serves our mission of expanding permanent employment opportunities in our project areas.

Equal Benefits Policy PDF
Any CRA/LA contract for goods or services for more than $5,000 must provide equal compensation for employees with spouses and employees with domestic partners. Los Angeles law prohibits entities doing business with the City from discriminating in employment practices based on marital status and/or sexual orientation.

Equal Opportunity Requirements PDF
All CRA/LA contractors shall make a good-faith effort to employ minority- and woman-owned businesses, as well as qualified project-area businesses.

Labor Peace Agreement Policy PDF
Hotels developed on CRA/LA-owned land must sign a labor peace agreement with hospitality employee unions. These contracts make possible uninterrupted hotel operations by prohibiting the labor organizations from picketing or engaging in other economic interference for the duration of their lease with CRA/LA.