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In order to continue the revitalization of the communities it serves, the CRA/LA is reviewing seven of the nine South Los Angeles redevelopment project areas. This review includes a complete analysis of the Redevelopment Plans in each project area for potential plan amendments to:

block2 Merge certain project areas to gain greater economic strength and additional flexibility in the deployment of staff and financial resources, and

block2 Capture additional growth opportunity areas.

Prior to amending the Plans, physical and economic conditions will be analyzed to identify any adverse conditions that may exist until the Summer of 2007.

At A Glance

  • Adopted Date: Oct. 7, 1969

  • Project End Date: Oct. 7, 2012

  • Amendment Dates:
    January 27, 1982
    December 17, 1986
    December 20, 1994
    March 3, 1999
    November 21, 2003
    December 19, 2006

    Site Office Information:
    4401 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 201
    Los Angeles, CA 90043
    Telephone: (323) 290-2800
    Fax: (323) 295-4790

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3rd Thursday 

The Normandie 5 Project Area Committee (PAC) is an elected committee composed of project area residents, business persons, and representative of organizations.
They consult and advise the CRA/LA on redevelopment activities.

NOTE: Change of Meeting Location Below
FAME Renaissance
1968 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90043


Jennifer Barrera
(323) 290- 2802

Future Meetings:

January 19, 2012

PAC Agenda- January 19, 2012
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Meeting Minutes- May 19, 2011
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Current PAC Roster
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